Protect Kansas from Junk Insurance!

You may remember our advocacy last year to prevent the expansion of risky short-term junk insurance plans. Thanks to yours and many others' actions it was defeated last year. The Kansas Legislature has once again introduced a bill to try to do it again. We need your voice to help stop it.


The State House will be debating legislation that would expand access to short-term health plans. The Kansas Legislature is trying to take us back to the day when heart and stroke patients could be denied access to affordable, comprehensive health coverage.

These plans allow insurance companies to:

  • Deny coverage for pre-existing conditions like heart disease and stroke.

  • Cap benefits on coverage, like heart attacks.

  • Not have an appeals process

  • Exclude coverage for essential health benefits, such as maternity and newborn care.

Let your Representative know short-term plans are bad for Kansas.

For heart survivors and patients, short-term plans mean that the cost of adequate health coverage will likely skyrocket. What's worse, they could be discriminated against because of their condition. That’s just wrong.

Send a message to your State House Member now asking them to say no to short-term plans.

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