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Priority Bills on the Move

A number of our priority bills are moving forward and are getting close to the finish line thanks to our continued advocacy from volunteers!

hero_image_alt_text===Massachusetts State House

Thanks to the dedicated advocacy of our volunteers and legislative champions a number of our policy priorities are moving forward. Tobacco 21 was voted on in the House and passed 147-4, the Senate is taking it up this month and we have been working hard to have it pass with a similar margin ensuring that our youth are protected against big tobacco! Our stroke systems of care moved in the Senate in the Fall and the House is taking it up this week so we are hopeful that we will see that cross the finish line this session! Healthy Vending and Quality Physical Education are both in House Ways and Means which is the last stop before a vote takes place. We were able to work with partners to secure critical funding for SNAP and Health Food Financing in both the State budget and the Governors Capitol Budget which will be able to provide access to our residents for fresh fruits and vegetables. We look forward to working with our advocates and partners to see these lifesaving measures cross the finish line.

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