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Preserving Access to Affordable Healthcare

Since the passage of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (ACA) in 2010, millions of Americans who were previously unable to get health insurance have been able to access affordable, quality healthcare. But despite great progress, affordable coverage remains out of reach for many people and proposals at both the state and federal level threaten to make it even more difficult for patients with heart disease, those who’ve suffered a stroke and anyone living with a pre-existing condition to access the insurance coverage and healthcare they need.

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Throughout 2017, You’re the Cure advocates joined the debate as Congress considered legislation that would have repealed the ACA. Those Congressional efforts were ultimately unsuccessful. However, in 2018, new and numerous challenges mean we still have a lot of work to do.

Executive orders issued by the President, proposed federal regulations, and government action at the state level that could undermine critical patient protections all require our attention. The AHA evaluates every proposal through the non-partisan lens of the patients’ experience – people like you and me and our families. Your experiences have helped us shape our actions on this important issue, and while we understand the ACA is far from perfect, we also understand what it was like for people with pre-existing conditions before the ACA was enacted into law. It is clear to us that we cannot afford to go backwards, so we will continue defending policy improvements gained in the ACA, continue working to expand access to care for patients, and continue seeking new opportunities to improve upon our system of care.

Stay tuned for details of specific proposals and information on how you can weigh in with decision makers.

YOU CAN HELP RIGHT NOW! The AHA and our partners are working to educate and influence policy makers at the federal and state level through the media, in-person meetings, public hearings and other tactics. Your stories are the most powerful tool in our toolbox as we seek to illustrate how policies impact patients. Do you have a story about health insurance or accessing care? Have you found insurance unaffordable? Do you rely on Medicaid and worry that changes in the program could leave you without coverage for needed care? Have you purchased coverage through the Health Insurance Marketplace established under the ACA? Used a short-term health plan but found that essential services weren’t covered by your insurance? Whatever your experience - WE WANT TO HEAR YOUR STORY! Please share today!


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