Prep for New MD Session


The Maryland General Assembly's 2016 legislative session opened January 13 and we have some important work to do! Please join us for a short call January 19 at noon to learn details of our legislative agenda and how you can help.

Our policy agenda this year includes:

Healthy Eating Options - Promote the adoption of healthy food and beverage choices in all vending machines located in state owned and operated facilities.

Put your two cents in now to alert state government to set a good example with healthy food options!

Tobacco Free Living - Support a significant increase in the state tobacco excise tax by promoting a 50% increase which would raise the cost from $2.00 a pack to $3.00.

Thanks for being active in our network! We couldn't do this without you. If our voice is strong enough this session, we can impact the lives of many Marylanders for years to come!

Click here to send your customizable letter to support healthy food on state property.

Mark your calendar now for our State Lobby Day on Thursday, February 4 and RSVP here.

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