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Poll Results are in on Sugar Sweetened Beverages and You Might Be Surprised


The American Heart Association and its coalition partners are working hard to reverse the obesity epidemic in Hawaii. While there is no one thing that will fix the problem we have seen that educating people on the amount of sugar in some of the most commonly consumed beverages helps to reduce the consumption of these beverages. Reduced consumption of these drinks can lead to better health.

We believe that another way consumption of sugar sweetened beverages can be reduced is through a small 1 cent per ounce fee added to the price of the drink.

The Hawaii Public Health Institute recently released polling data on SSB fees and found that the public is more supportive of this fee if the money generated from it goes to combating obesity in our state than state lawmakers believe.

The poll showed that 81% of those polled thought that consumption of SSB played either a significant or very significant role in the states obesity epidemic. And of those polled two-thirds supported the implementation of a 1 cent per ounce fee if all revenue generated from it went to programs designed to combat obesity, diabetes and heart disease in Hawaii. 

These polls show us that voter support is strong and that Hawaii residents know the obesity epidemic is a problem.

With help from advocates like you we hope that our work on this issue will be heard by lawmakers and they will ultimately support this 1 cent per ounce fee in order to help fight obesity in our state. Please keep your eyes open for our emails on this issue and take action when you are able.

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