Policy, Politics and Elections

It is the season of yard signs, constant political advertising and 24/7 media coverage of the upcoming election. With your help, the American Heart Association will continue our lifesaving advocacy work during election season, but we will not engage in partisan politics. Here, we draw some distinctions between our policy work and politics.

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Policy Advocacy

The American Heart Association takes positions on public policy issues that impact health at the federal, state and community levels. These positions are informed by science and determined by the AHA’s Advocacy staff in conjunction with our volunteer leadership.

Your voice, along with the voices of thousands of You’re the Cure advocates, is critical to our efforts to move public policy!

Issue advocacy done on behalf of the AHA should always be coordinated with staff partners to ensure you have the latest information and are prepared to accurately reflect the position of the AHA.

Politics and Elections

The American Heart Association cannot engage in political campaign activities. We will continue our vital advocacy work during election season, but we will ensure we do so in a nonpartisan way.

You are an important part of the Association, and we need your help to avoid any actions that suggest the AHA supports or opposes a candidate for public office. Please take steps to distinguish your role as an AHA volunteer from personal political opinions or any political volunteering you may do. Please don’t wear campaign attire when formally representing the AHA, for example, and consider a disclaimer on social media profiles stating that the views expressed there are your own.

Reach out to your advocacy staff partners if you have any questions about engaging in official AHA activities during election season. You can also email us at [email protected]

Important: While we won’t endorse any candidates, we do endorse the act of VOTING!

Register to vote and make a plan to cast your ballot! You can confirm your registration status, register to vote, learn about voting options in your state and find your polling place here.

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