Pledge to Support Medicaid Expansion

The 2021 Kansas Legislative Session has begun. This session will be different than past years, with social distancing and masks and virtual testimony. But one thing remains the same…..people need access to health care. Many Kansas families, like Lindsey’s, need it to stay healthy during COVID-19.

hero_image_alt_text===Farmer in the field with the text "now is the time to act! Contact your legislator to expand Medicaid"
thumbnail_alt_text===Farmer in the field with the text "now is the time to act! Contact your legislator to expand Medicaid"

Like past years, recent polling shows the majority of Kansans support expanding Medicaid. Will the politics or the people prevail this year? Your legislators need to hear from you. Families like Lindsey’s urgently need them to act.

Our heroes on the frontline of Covid-19 response are working to save lives. While they do, Kansas should be doing everything it can to make sure our rural hospitals and health clinics are able to stay open to provide critical response to this crisis. Medicaid Expansion can help keep their doors open, treating all who need care, including the estimated 96,000 newly unemployed Kansans who will lose their health insurance due to COVID-19. This is in addition to the estimated 150,000 Kansans who were living in the KanCare Gap before the crisis. 
Medicaid exists to make sure the health needs of Kansans are met. Expanding Medicaid to provide health care coverage for our hardworking and low wage earning neighbors is one of the best tools the state has in order to save lives, right now, in this moment of greatest need. Kansas families deserve a fair shot at getting through the coronavirus crisis healthy and whole.
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