Photo Gallery

Families across Vermont enjoyed a fun and healthy night out with the American Heart Association and Healthy Kids' Meals host restaurants!

Barre - Soup n' Greens

 restaurant owner with healthy kids meals     family eating healthy kids meals in Barre     little girl eating broccoliboy with sweet potato fries     boy with veggie stir fry


South Burlington - Lakeview House Restaurant

 family eating healthy kids meal     girl with healthy meal     two kids with healthy kids meals     


Springfield - Sheri's Place

 3 kids with healthy kids meals     healthy kids quesadillas     sample healthy kids meal menu          3 kids at healthy kids meal event     healthy kids sliders     kids at healthy kids meal event


St. Albans - Twigg's American Gastropub

 girl at healthy kids meal event     healthy pizza     boy with healthy pizza     healthy wrap and veggies