Guest Blog: Perspective and Pericardium

Welcome you to the first post of Perspective & Pericardium - a monthly blog that discusses youth views on cardiac-related issues such as substance abuse, healthy eating, and education! Our names are Akhila Swarna and Sthuthi Tadiparti, and we are seniors in high school from Missouri who are extremely passionate about the American Heart Association’s mission.


Before discussing the purpose and goals of our blog, here is a little bit about ourselves!

Akhila is a 17-year-old from Missouri who is interested in science research, global health, and youth inclusion in STEM activism. As a youth researcher, she has studied the increased risk of postmenopausal women for cardiovascular disease. This summer, Akhila was researching molecular spectroscopy with the help of mentors at the University of Missouri-Saint Louis. Because of her work in the global health community, Akhila was selected this year to attend and speak at the virtual Global Health Leaders Conference at Johns Hopkins University. Besides
research and activism, Akhila is the vice president of our school’s speech and debate and loves to devour her local ice cream store’s signature blueberry pie ice cream.

Sthuthi is a 17-year-old also from Missouri who is passionate about finding solutions to health inequities and informing students about healthcare issues. Sthuthi is currently the President for Missouri HOSA - Future Health Professionals, an organization that focuses on cultivating future global healthcare leaders. Besides HOSA, Sthuthi has conducted scientific research about endocrine-disrupting chemicals and their effect on adipogenesis in C.Elegans. Due to her work in volunteering and activism, Sthuthi was recognized as a Carson Scholar by the Carson
Scholars Fund. In her free time, Sthuthi loves watching Marvel movies and daydreaming about the Marvel multiverse.

The Perspective & Pericardium blog began after we had an essential realization: youth bring a unique perspective to the table. We are the next generation of policymakers, scientists, healthy heart advocates, and so much more. It is important that youth are included in conversations about substance abuse, active living, and education because the future of heart health is in our hands - as cliché as that sounds. Through Perspective & Pericardium, we hope to not only show that youth truly care about these issues, but we also hope to spark the discussion of youth inclusion at the forefront of change making.

Once again, welcome to the conversation and to Perspective & Pericardium!

We Heart YOU-th ❤️,
Akhila and Sthuthi

P.S. If you would like to contact us, please email [email protected]. We would ❤️ to hear from you

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