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One of the scariest situations any of us could find ourselves in is watching a friend, loved one, or even a stranger suffer a cardiac arrest. During the next Florida Legislative Session, we will work to establish CPR training in high schools and we need your help to make decision makers aware of this issue in advance!

Do you know a teacher, parent, high school student, first responder – ANYONE – who has either used CPR or had CPR performed on them?

We would love for them to share their story at

Their personal stories can help us spread the word about the importance of CPR in Schools – a new plan of attack designed to create the next generation of lifesavers.  

Nationally, nearly 383,000 people have sudden cardiac arrest outside of a hospital every year, and only 11% survive, most likely because they don’t receive timely CPR.   Sadly, only one-in-four out-of-hospital cardiac arrest victims nationally receive bystander CPR and in Florida more than 1 out of 4 deaths are due to heart disease.

These frightening statistics can change with your help. Visit to share your story and help us spread the word about CPR in Schools!

Together, we can create the next generation of lifesavers

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