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Pedestrian Safety 101 for Trick or Treating


Happy Halloween! I wanted to pass along some great safety tips, from the MA Safe Routes to Schools Program, before you take your kids out tonight trick or treating. 

  • Stick to Sidewalks! Pick a trick or treat route ahead of time with lots of sidewalks. Keep to the inside of the sidewalk and away from the curb or edge.
  • Cross streets at the designated crosswalk crossing. If a crosswalk is unavailable, cross at an intersection.
  • Look left, look right, and then look left again before crossing the street!
  • Use your eyes and ears before using your feet. Be aware of oncoming cars by looking for headlights and listening for car and truck sounds.
  • Make your own Halloween Parade by walking with your Walking School Bus group. 
  • Be seen! Brighten up your costume by adding reflective tape, which can be found at craft or sporting goods stores.

Have fun and be safe tonight!

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