PE is in Danger in Florida!

We found out this evening that PE is in danger in Florida. Will you please take a minute to call key lawmakers now? 


A House Education Subcommittee will vote on Tuesday, March 28 to replace PE with recess for students in grades K - 3. Rep. Chris Latvala chairs the subcommittee and needs to hear from you now in support of preserving PE. 

Click here to call Rep. Chris Latvala now (yes, even on the weekend) and ask him to support PE in schools. 

Here are some talking points when you make the call:

  • Hello, my name is [name] and I live in [city], Florida.
  • I'm calling today to ask Rep. Latvala to preserve PE in Florida by voting NO to replace it with recess.
  • While recess is a great complement to PE, it is not a replacement.
  • I hope I can count on Rep. Latvala's support.  

It's important to remember that physical education is much more than physical activity. Through effective physical education, children learn how to incorporate safe and healthy activities into their lives.

Hurry and place your call today! We appreciate your time to preserve PE in Florida.

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