Paul Russo - Vineland, NJ

Paul Russo is a You're the Cure advocate, whose quick action saved his father's life.

hero_image_alt_text===Paul Russo and Family.

Paul Russo is a heart disease survivor and has been a dedicated “You’re the Cure” advocate for many years. His main areas of interest are tobacco prevention and promoting CPR training.

In 2011, Paul’s quick action and willingness to perform CPR saved his father’s life. On November 29, Paul was helping his parents decorate for the holidays. He and his father, Archie, had just finished moving the Christmas tree from the basement to their living room. Archie went back to close the cellar door. Paul felt compelled to go check on him. He found his father out of breath and moments later Archie collapsed. Paul immediately called 911 and the operator coached him through CPR. Paul revived his father before EMS arrived. Archie soon underwent successful surgery (with the same surgeon who performed Paul’s valve repair months earlier.) At 80 years old, Archie had a new lease on life, thanks to Paul’s quick action.

Paul believes everyone should learn CPR and advocated on behalf of the successful CPR in schools legislation that was signed into law in 2014.

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