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Partners in Health

#Teamwork at the State House.

hero_image_alt_text===Maine Statehouse

In Maine, everyone knows that to get things done, you use Yankee ingenuity. There are a handful of us in the Maine State House who work towards a number of common goals. We know that if we worked in our separate silos, we would never get anything done. We just don’t have enough resources. There are too many lobbyists on the other side that have a lot more money behind them and we want to assure that our donor dollars go as far as they can, so we team up.

That is why, last week, the American Heart Association was proud to partner with the American Cancer Society CAN during their state house lobby day to help draw attention to the #1 cause of preventable death in Maine—tobacco use. That is also why they will pitch in on March 1st at our lobby day.

As you well know, tobacco use wreaks havoc on your heart and entire cardiovascular system. It also causes or contributes to a very, very long (and growing) list of cancers, so we work together to reduce tobacco use.

That is how we roll in Maine. #teamwork

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