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Parents Want to Make the Healthy Choice the Easy Choice

Making the healthy choice is not always easy. Mary Gonzalez, a mother and grandmother from the Bronx, knows that firsthand.

hero_image_alt_text===An image of AHA employee, Mary Gonzalez.

Mary wants her kids, grandkids, and everyone in her community to have the opportunity lead healthy lives. She shared her story with us:

My daughter, Krissy, was diagnosed with juvenile diabetes when she was still in elementary school. From the beginning, I never wanted my daughter to feel different and, like all parents, I wanted the very best for her. I also wanted her to be confident and empowered to make good choices. Fortunately, through years of practice, we learned a very important lesson: what you put in your body matters!

My family is from the Bronx, where making the right decision when it comes to your kids’ nutrition can be difficult. In my neighborhood, we have a lot of fast food chains and a lot of advertisements for soda, sports drinks, energy drinks and a lot of other stuff that jeopardizes our kids’ health. Walk into any bodega or look on any kids’ restaurant menu and that’s exactly what you’ll find. 

Join us to make healthy options the default option by advocating for healthy kids’ meals today!

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