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Parents Agree - Restaurant Kids' Meals Need to be Healthier

New survey shows parents support nutrition standards and healthy drinks as the default for restaurant kids' meals.

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With families going out to eat more and more, and grabbing food on the go due to their busy schedules, do they even care about what's in the food? You bet! Especially when it comes to what their kids are eating.

We've been working with medical students in UVM's public health project class who surveyed Vermont parents to find out how parents felt about restaurant kids' meals and our effort to ensure the meals meet nutrition standards.

The survey found:

• 73% support legislation to require nutrition standards for restaurant kids’ meals.

• Nearly 83% support legislation to make healthy drinks the default drink in restaurant kids’ meals.

• 50% said it was difficult to find restaurants with healthy kids’ meals.

We hope the Vermont legislature will listen and pass S.70 so parents will know that whatever restaurant they go to, their kids will get a healthy kids meals.

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