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Our Thank You Tour Continues


Last we highlighted the success of an important heart defect screening that all newborns in Arkansas will now receive. Now, we would like to highlight another success from the 2013 legislative session.

Lawmakers recently approved a measure that will ensure all students receive a onetime CPR training before graduating from high school. 

Click here to thank Governor Mike Beebe and lawmakers who made this possible!

This is an issue you have helped us advance over the past 5 years. Several years ago you fought hard to get lifesaving AEDs into every school in the state. Then you helped us ask for funding so that no school would be left out.

This year you helped us put CPR training into state law so that all of our students will receive this lifesaving training for years to come.

Elected officials hear from the general public all the time, but rarely are they thanked for a job well done. You can help us cultivate positive relationships and empower members to continue to pass lifesaving measures.

I’d like to highlight the bill authors who made this new law possible:

Representative Jim Dotson
Senator Joyce Elliott

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