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Did you know that a contributing factor to obesity and other related cardiovascular diseases may be a lack of access to healthy foods? [1] A healthy heart requires a healthy diet, yet 62% of OKC residents live more than a mile from a grocery store. That means over 154,680 households in our city have poor access to healthy and fresh foods. [2]

We think that’s a problem, but we also think there’s a solution.

This year we are launching an initiative to bring healthier food into neighborhood corner stores and markets. This will help thousands of individuals and families to have access to healthy snacks and meals every day.

Want to get involved? Sign a letter to your city council member and let them know that food access in our city is important to real people and real neighbors.

Take action now and help us make Oklahoma healthier in 2015, block by block.


[1] The Food Trust, Access to Healthy Food and Why It Matters: A Review of the Research, pg. 12, 2013

[2] City of Oklahoma City Planning Department, Health Impact Assessment, pg. 172

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