Operation Lifesaver - We did it!



As the legislative session comes to end we have some life-saving news to report.  On Monday afternoon Senate Bill 225 passed its third and final reading on the House floor and it now awaits the Governors signature. 

Senate Bill 225 allows for public recognition of hospitals that give the best care to those who experience a STEMI heart attack or stroke.  This bill will improve outcomes and save lives by streamlining the care received by those who experience a heart attack or stroke. 

By recognizing hospitals that have been designated as primary or comprehensive stroke centers or STEMI receiving/referring centers, we will be ensuring that those who experience these life threatening emergencies receive:
• Highly specialized treatment
• Increased access to hospitals that specialize in heart attack and stroke treatment
• Improved outcomes for those who experience a heart attack or stroke

Thank you to all of our volunteers who came to the capitol to testiy on this bill, and thank you to all of you, our You're the Cure Advocates, for contacting your legislators to let them know about the importance of this bill. 

We could not have done this without all of you!

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