Heading to a Ballot Box Near You

Our movement to combat childhood obesity in Boulder is now officially underway. Over 9,000 Boulder residents demonstrated their support for healthy Boulder kids by signing a petition to get our public health initiative on the ballot! 


Earlier this month, a coalition led effort, along with You're the Cure advocates, gathered signatures in support of a ballot measure that would ensure that all Boulder families have increased access to healthy foods, nutrition education, and opportunities for fitness and exercise, through revenue from a tax on sugary drinks. Through a collective effort we are thrilled to announce that this important measure will be heading to a ballot box near you come this November!

It’s going to take all of us, working together, to ensure a victory at the ballot box this November. AHA is committed to this work, but we need support from people like you to vote in favor of this critical public health measure. Join our campaign to combat childhood obesity and support healthy Boulder families!

Please email [email protected] to learn how to get involved!

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