One More Chance to Preserve Casper Smokefree Ordinance


We have one more chance to preserve the Casper smokefree ordinance and we need your continued support. The proposed amendments to Casper’s current smoke-free law are up for third reading on June 18th.

Click here to email your city council members about this issue.

City Council has voted twice to exempt bars and taverns, healthcare facilities, private clubs and work areas not open to the public from the Casper smokefree ordinance. If these amendments pass, hundreds of Casper workers and citizens will be exposed to second hand smoke.

Please join us in reminding Council Members that the majority of citizens want the smokefree ordinance to stay in place as is.

The fact remains that cigarette smoking is the leading cause of preventable disease and death in the U.S. It not only claims the lives of those who choose to use tobacco, but also those who are unwillingly exposed to secondhand smoke. Tobacco use is a choice, but it is not one that individuals who choose not to partake in should be exposed too.

Please click the link above and urge your city council members one last time to change their minds and not amend the Casper smokefree ordinance.

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