Oliver Still Needs Your Help, New Mexico!

Oliver has been a busy pup! Thank you to all of the advocates who responded to our previous email recruiting new members to our Grassroots Action Team (GAT) in New Mexico! If you haven't had a chance to respond, no worries. Oliver still has his paws on the ground and is excited that the next member of our GAT might be you! 


Are you interested in helping the American Heart Association advocate for heart-healthy and stroke-smart legislation in New Mexico? The American Heart Association is looking to grow its Grassroots Action Team (GAT), and we need passionate volunteers to join us! Will you be the next GAT member Oliver finds?

What does the GAT do? GAT members participate in grassroots activities including, contacting legislators, sharing their story on social media, recruiting new You're The Cure network advocates and spreading the mission and message of the American Heart Association.

Why would I volunteer for the GAT? Members of our Grassroots Action Team bring awareness to our issues and promote public policy that improves the health and lives of individuals and communities in New Mexico. We need young professionals, business leaders, health care professionals, moms, dads, survivors and anyone else who has a personal passion for heart and stroke advocacy to join us so that together we can create a healthier New Mexico!

How often does the GAT meet? The GAT meets quarterly to discuss and take action on various statewide and local policy issues such as lifesaving screenings for newborns to detect heart defects, CPR as a graduation requirement in our schools, varies policies that help reduce the smoking rates among teens and adults, healthy food access in rural communities and so many more!

If you would like to learn more about joining our Grassroots Action Team, please CLICK HERE and share your information with us. It's that easy and we will be in touch with you soon!

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