Old Friends, Healthy Foods

A lot can happen in 25 years. 

hero_image_alt_text===Cece Colby Apple.

My husband just celebrated his 25th college reunion. We had a blast with his classmates and their kids.  We marveled at the changes on campus.  We tortured our kids with (edited) stories of how tough life was “when we were in college.” The most apparent changes were the AMAZING athletic facilities (which are still being improved), the completely tobacco-free campus and the numerous healthy and yummy options at the cafeterias on campus.  Where there used to be a few cereal options, maybe an entrée or two and “steak night” tickets there were now quinoa egg white blueberry “muffins” a beautiful fruit and yogurt bar and salad and grilled chicken options that rival the best restaurants.  There were many sugar-free and water options to drink and even the desserts were smaller.

The young adults who attend college these days are much more health conscious than we were and the demands they place on the food service at their colleges shows this.

I was encouraged to see that if we continue our commitment to teach our children that healthy eating and physical activity are part of a normal, healthy lifestyle that by the time they make it to college their choices will be supported.  Now, all we have to do is assure that health and PE classes remain funded and required, that all childcare, elementary and high school food systems support healthy choices as our kids turn into college-aged adults.

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