Oklahoma Passes Medicaid Expansion!

The results are in, and State Question 802 passed!  With the help of advocates like you, thousands of working Oklahomans will have access to quality, affordable health care coverage!


“Oklahomans took a big step to improve health across the state by approving the expansion of Medicaid coverage for nearly 200,000 people. The American Heart Association supports expanding Medicaid because people living with low incomes are disproportionately affected by heart disease, hypertension and stroke. Medicaid serves as the coverage backbone for the health care services these individuals need," said Dr. Jabraan Pasha, MD, American Heart Association Tulsa President and Associate Professor of Medicine with OU Physicians, in a statement.

“Our state has one of the worst rates of heart disease in the nation, but we have taken a key step to change that by expanding Medicaid, delivering treatments and medicine to nearly 200,000 hardworking Oklahomans. This will also bring billions of our tax dollars home from Washington to benefit our local economies and keep rural hospitals open –ensuring Oklahomans have access to health care no matter where they live," said Dr. Pasha.

Thank you for your support of this life-saving initiative.  Thousands of Oklahomans will now be able to get high quality affordable health care coverage because advocates like you voted in support of State Question 802.  And many advocates went the extra mile, volunteering their time to tell their friends and neighbors how important expanding Medicaid is to those who cannot afford health care coverage.

With the support of Advocates like you, we will be a relentless force for building longer, healthier lives in Oklahoma!

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