Oklahoma Facebook Fanatic? Twitter Titan? We Need You at the AHA!

Use your Facebook and Twitter skills to help us move policy forward! Social Media is a tool each of you can use to help build engagement on American Heart Association policy issues and your own connection with elected officials.

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Facebook and Twitter are the primary two social media vehicles You’re the Cure uses, and you can use your personal social media account to share AHA messages and community with lawmakers.

  • If you are active on Social Media, please Follow or Like your local American Heart Association accounts and mark them to receive notifications when new information is posted. 
  • Find and follow your local, state and federal representatives on social media and send them messages on issues you care about. This tactic allows you to create a direct and ongoing connection with elected officials, and it can be a great vehicle for bringing AHA policy issues to the forefront. Need to know who represents you? Find out HERE

 Oklahoma Facebook Page

  • Sign up for your lawmakers’ e-newsletter on their websites, if they have one. This is a great way to learn about events where you can meet the lawmakers in person, stay informed, and help alert us as well.
  • Consistently share content. You can share emailed alert links and blog posts to help increase our exposure! If you can inspire any of your contacts to take action on an alert or blogpost you both recruit them as an advocate, AND engage their support on the campaign.
    • On FaceBook set posts to ‘Public’ so more people can see them, and allow them to reach more than your mutual audience if your contacts share. (If the default for most of your posts is to friends only, be sure to set it back - you can do this right after your public share)
    • On Twitter place a period in front of the legislator's name to make the post PUBLIC. Without the period only your followers and the legislator will be able to see the post.
  • Be sure to use hashtags: #YoureTheCureOK and other hashtags that may be referenced in alerts.

 Another view of the Oklahoma Facebook page

BE SURE TO LET US KNOW WHEN YOU’VE INTERACTED WITH YOUR LEGISLATORS THRU SOCIAL MEDIA ON OUR POLICY ISSUES! We want you to get credit for these actions and continue to climb the ranks towards HERO status! BE SURE also to let us know about any subsequent responses from the legislators, or conversations that ensue.  Respond politely to any additional comments or retweets.

Just send a quick note to [email protected] and we will be sure your social media actions are added.

Thank you for keeping us in mind when you’re being social, and for your help engaging others on You’re the Cure policy campaigns.  You are our lifeline to a growing social media community! 

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