Oklahoma Board of Health Approves Stroke Care Rules


In December the Oklahoma Board of Health approved proposed rules that would allow the state to formally recognize four levels of hospitals based on their readiness to treat acute stroke patients. We strongly support these rules and thank the Oklahoma Board of Health for their approval.

Stroke survivor and You’re the Cure advocate Donna McDannold recently wrote the Daily Oklahoman to support this issue.  Her Letter to the Editor appeared online and can be viewed here: http://newsok.com/new-rules-would-help-stroke-survivors/article/5373287

Here is an excerpt from her letter:

“The financial impact to stroke survivors and their families is a sudden and massive burden. My debt in the first 90 days after stroke, including rehabilitation, was close to $50,000. Receiving the right treatment in a timely manner by specially trained professionals at appropriate facilities will not only help the patient progress to a higher level and recover faster, but can potentially save lives.” Donna McDannold

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