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Tell the NYC Council: New Yorkers have heart!

Ask your NYC Council Member to support heart-healthy policies in 2018

hero_image_alt_text===New York City Hall
thumbnail_alt_text===New York City Hall

The New York City Council just started a new session – that means new Council Members, a new Speaker leading the Council, and new legislation. What hasn’t changed is New Yorkers needing their elected representatives to support policies that help us live long and healthy lives free from cardiovascular disease and stroke. We need you to remind them of that.

Ask your Council Member to support the American Heart Association‘s priorities to help make our city healthier for everyone!

We want everyone in NYC have access to affordable healthy food, our children to eat healthier in restaurants and get proper physical education in school, and to have safe, well-maintained space to walk, run, and bike.

Working together, we can make it happen. Send a message to your Council Member asking them to advance New Yorkers’ health in the new Council session.

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