Keep NYC kids active once summer is over!

Summer is a great time to be a kid. The weather is warm, and daylight lasts longer so there’s a lot of opportunity to run around outside and be active. When they go back to school, it’s not as easy to get daily exercise. That’s why effective physical education is so important.

hero_image_alt_text===Child on swing in playground
thumbnail_alt_text===Child on swing in playground

Effective physical education (PE) provides the activity kids need for a positive impact on their physical, mental, and emotional health. PE programs improve judgment, reduce stress, and increase self-esteem. Making sure all students are getting physical education is a critical part of keeping kids healthy.

The NYC Council took a great step in addressing this issue by passing Local Law 102 in 2015 which requires the DOE to report on the frequency and total minutes of PE instruction provided, as well as details regarding the spaces and facilities used and instructor certification levels. This was a great improvement, but we can still improve the law. By collecting comprehensive data from its schools, the DOE can empower parents, educators, and advocates to determine where more resources are needed to ensure every child as access to effective PE.

Send a message to NYC Council Education Chair Mark Treyger and NYC Council Speaker Corey Johnson and let them know that you support improving Local Law 102 so we can be sure that our children are getting the physical education they deserve.

Summer will be over before you know it. Let make sure our kids stay active this year. 

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