NYC Heartsavers Honored - True Heroes at Work!


New York City is a safer place, thanks to several NYC Heartsavers!  On July 25th, we honored several New Yorkers for doing what they could to help save a life.  Let's hear it for these brave and dedicated individuals: Garry Resnick, Danny Poon, Rafael Castellanos, Dr. Nicholas Skipitaris, Krystle Nazario, Miguel Almonte, Ben Miucin, Nick Jabbour, Melinda Murray and Peter Rosenthal.  If you want to make your community safer, learn more about CPR and the Chain of Survival at  Be on the lookout for more NYC Heartsavers to be honored in 2014!  Thank you again to our heart-saving heroes - thank you for stepping up, knowing what to do, and ultimately for saving a life!


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