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NYC Focuses on Stroke


Today, the NYC Council's Health Committee hosted a hearing with the intention to support an increase in federal funding to the National Institutes of Health for stroke research.  With 33,000 jobs on the line and a potential loss of $4.5 billion in economic activity if our federal decision-makers can't come to terms with the 'fiscal cliff,' City Council's action could not come at a more vital time.  If you haven't done so already, please take action on the NYC alert to send a note of support to the Council Committee members!

The conversation today with the Committee took a welcome turn when they started to ask about the status of the city's stroke system of care.  They want to examine how we respond to 911 calls for stroke patients, how they're transported to appropriate hospitals, what type of quality guidelines are being implemented for treatment of the patients, and how we can better support rehabilitation.  We have some homework to do to follow up to some of their questions, but their interest is truly exciting!

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