NYC Education Department Releases PE Report!


Do you know how your school is doing when it comes to offering effective PE to city kids?  Well, thanks to the City Council, the city's Education Department and You're the Cure advocates like yourself, you can find out! 

The city released the first annual report on physical education last week, just in time for the beginning of the new school year.  The data found on the report is reflective of last school year, but the information is still really interesting.

You can access the report here:

I will warn you that the report is in a spreadsheet format.  And it's really dense.  Make sure you're prepared for information overload!  But if you want to know if your neighborhood school has a certified PE teacher, or how many PE classes are offered per week for each grade can see all of those details in the report.

We know that the report is not perfect.  As complex as this information is, we're still not seeing information related to teacher development, curriculum or use of substitutions.  The spreadsheet may also make it difficult for many NYC parents to easily grasp the key points for their schools.  Accessibility of this information is a key concern.  We will be meeting with the city staff soon to discuss these points.

I welcome your thoughts on the report as well.  Let me know if you have any feedback!

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