NYC's PE Report Card is Due This Month!


A lot of exciting things have happened in New York City schools over the past year.  But we're really proud of one achievement. Thanks to our You're the Cure advocates and the leadership of Mayor de Blasio and New York City Council, we are soon going to see certified PE teachers in every elementary school! 

While we know this will make significant gains to make sure every student receives quality PE...there is more work to be done.  The AHA's survey in 2012 showed other alarming gaps that stand between our kids and appropriate PE in our schools.  Things like class size, gym space, and how long and how often each student has PE are all important factors for an effective education.  And soon, we should have a clearer view of those concerns in city schools.

The NYC Department of Education (DOE) will soon release the inaugural PE Report Card, an annual assessment of several factors impacting quality physical education.  The AHA is looking forward to reviewing the information on the report so we can identify future opportunities to help schools improve.  There's not a school in the city that doesn't want to provide excellent PE, but they each have obstacles that have to be overcome before we can consider achieving national guidelines.  Since New York's laws governing PE actually fall below these national benchmarks, we have a lot of room to improve!

The DOE will be posting the new report on their website sometime this month.  We will be sure to share that link here, and we encourage you to share it with everyone you know.  All parents, community leaders and advocates should review the report so we can better understand what our schools need in order to be successful.  With your help, we can be a part of the solution and build a healthier future for our kids!

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