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NY CPR in Schools Update…


Stay with us... we're getting closer.  As we told you earlier, the Board of Regents held their first public discussion on CPR in Schools at their December meeting . 

The next steps?  

  • The State Education Department (SED) is gathering input from interested parties -  and we're happy they sought input from the American Heart Association. 
  • SED will then issue a report on CPR/AED instruction to the Board of Regents.  The report is due by April 19 however we believe the report may be presented earlier. 
  • The Board of Regents has 60 days to act on the report.

We're almost there...we know the report on CPR/AED instruction is coming...but we don't know what is in it. 

How can you help?

We need your voice.  We recently shared Doreen’s Rowe’s story.  After dinner one evening, Doreen thought she had indigestion.  Turns out, she was going into cardiac arrest. She’s alive because her daughter knew CPR. That’s why Doreen is urging everyone, including students, to learn CPR.  Join Doreen by sending a letter to the Board of Regents.

We’re getting closer to CPR in Schools but still need your help before the State Education Department releases their report.

Schools can create more heroes by teaching CPR to ALL students. 

You can be a hero too.  Thank you for all your work in getting us this far!  Please stay with us until we get to the victory line - Send your message today.

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