Nutrition Security Act will help keep the District healthier!

The pandemic has exposed longstanding inequities in access to healthy, affordable food and drinks. Fortunately, the DC Council is responding with a bold, common sense solution: The Nutrition Equity Act.


This policy would create healthy standards for food and drinks in shelters; provide millions in funding for nutrition security, access, and education programs; and create that funding by placing a small tax on sugary drinks, which encourages healthier drink options.

Tell your Councilmembers to support Nutrition Equity now.

Too many District residents have limited access to affordable, healthy food and drinks -. we must address this inequity now. Additionally, on average kids drink enough sugary drinks every year to fill a bathtub. The Nutrition Equity Act provides solutions to these challenges and more. This policy will help ensure everyone in the District has access to the tools they need to live longer, healthier lives.  

Click here to ask your Councilmembers to advance the Nutrition Equity in DC today.

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