Help support child nutrition programs!

The United States Congress has started to work on a child nutrition reauthorization (CNR)! This is a big deal and an effort that could determine how healthy the foods we serve our kids in school will be and how many children can access those meals. This is also a long time coming as it has been 12 years since Congress last passed a CNR. In those 12 years, we’ve learned time and time again that school meals are critically important to millions of children and families across the country. For many, it is a lifeline towards combatting food insecurity and is the largest source of heart healthy fruits, vegetables and whole grains.

With your help we can do even better by applying science-based nutrition standards and increasing access to school meals! Click this link to call your Senators today!

As Congress considers a CNR, it is critically important that your Senators hear from you. To be honest with you, without immense pressure from constituents and grassroots advocates like you, the Senate may not act. That’s why we need you to call your Senators in support of child nutrition today. We’ve made it easy for you to stand up for children and deliver them a recipe for success by providing talking points and setting up a campaign to easily connect you with your Senators. Simply click this link, fill in your information and our system will automatically call you and connect you to your Senators office. It’s that easy and can make a generational impact on child nutrition!

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