November is Eat Smart Month!

Join the movement and Eat Smart this November.

hero_image_alt_text===Berries in a heart shaped bowl.

The American Heart Association has designated November as Eat Smart Month! Poor nutrition and obesity contribute to chronic health conditions like heart disease and stroke. Join the movement and click here for a tool kit that will provide you with resources to help plan and promote activities for you community, organization, or family around Eat Smart Month.

Eat Smart Month is also a perfect time to remind our elected officials about nutritional and heart healthy issues that matter to us like helping children grow up at a healthy weight reducing their risk of developing chronic health conditions. We can make a difference by advocating for issues such as healthy standards for restaurant kids' meals and healthy food choices in public places like government owned parks.

As you Eat Smart this month think about how we can help to make the healthy choice the easy choice for all New Jerseyans and let our elected officials know that healthy standards for kids' meals and healthy food options in public places are an important part of the equation.

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