Volunteers are Why


Guest Blogger: Nicole Olmstead, Arizona Government Relations Director

For me, November is the month of giving thanks.  It starts with giving thanks to the veterans that have fought, and sometimes died, for this country and continues through Thanksgiving.  I am reminded that I have many reasons to be thankful, including the wonderful volunteers that I work with here at the AHA.

The AHA, over the summer, started a new campaign.  The “Life is Why” campaign.  I have several “why’s” which include family, friends, volunteers and co-workers.  This month, my why is “Life is Why… Volunteers are Why.”  When things get difficult and I can’t see why we are doing something, all I have to do is think about how dedicated our volunteers are to our mission.  Heart Disease and stroke has

impacted their lives in very serious ways, and they need me to continue fighting for them.  So, for me..  Volunteers are Why.

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