North Dakota Man Saved by CPR and AED



While students across North Dakota were being trained to use CPR and how to use the AED, a North Dakota man's life was being saved by implementing CPR and the automated external defibrilator (AED).  Anyone who learns how to do CPR hopes they never have to use it.  But knowing how to do CPR and how to administer the AED saves lives.  Period. 

Maj. Mark McEvers was playing basketball with some friends in Devils Lake when suddenly one of the players fell backward. Major McEvers recognized immediately that the man was having trouble breathing.  Thankfully, bystanders McEvers and Rich Olson knew what to do.  One man got the AED while the other started CPR.  While this was being done, someone else called 9-1-1.  The CPR/AED system of care was carried out in an effort to save a man's life.  For more on this story, CLICK HERE


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