Prioritize Patients and Keep the No Surprises Act Strong

On January 1st, 2022, the bipartisan No Surprises Act went into effect, providing federal protections for patients from the most egregious surprise medical bills. For years, these unexpected bills, which can amount to tens of thousands of dollars, have devastated the finances of too many families in America.

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Now, the No Surprises Act is helping make care more affordable and predictable, providing patients peace of mind that they won’t receive bills for care they expected to be covered by insurance. Patients are grateful for these new protections — 90 percent of voters support the new law.

However, these critical patient protections are under threat. Special interests are pouring time, money, and legal resources to unravel the No Surprises Act in ways that would again put families at risk and we need your help to protect the law and the American people!  The No Surprises Act is a strong law with strong protections for patients that will help lower out of pocket costs. Congress and the administration must resist pressure to weaken it and continue to prioritize patients.

During the summer there will be many ways that we can take a hands-on approach to protect the No Surprises Act. Specifically, the United States Congress will soon adjourn for their July 4th Recesses, when lawmakers are back home, in their districts or states and frequently holding events to meet and hear from constituents like you! Whether it is a community breakfast, a townhall or any July 4th celebration, there are no shortage of Congressional events happening in your area in the coming weeks and months.

If you will be attending a Congressional event, please mention your strong support for the No Surprises Act to your lawmaker! You can use the handy digital palm cards at this link to help show your support for the law and ask your legislators to prioritize patients and keep the law strong. These palm cards have helpful talking points that can be printed out or downloaded to your phone. This is an easy, but highly impactful way to show that you stand with patients and want to keep the No Surprises Act strong!

Won’t be able to make a July event or want to do even more? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. You can always take action on our campaign and send an email to your lawmakers and the Secretary of Health and Human Services!

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