No Barriers on Medicaid Expansion

The people have spoken and Medicaid Expansion passed. Now that we have expanded the program we need to make sure that it is fully funded to help insure 230,000 of our neighbors.

hero_image_alt_text===Doctor examining a child patient
thumbnail_alt_text===Doctor examining a child patient

While this will bring almost a billion dollars back to Missouri from the federal government, we do need to protect the current public health programs from suffering state budget cuts.

Contact your State Lawmaker and ask them to fully fund Medicaid Expansion.  

In the past, we've seen the Legislature create barriers to prevent qualified individuals from receiving this life saving health care coverage. With your help we have been successful in stopping these attempts before, but we need your help to to do it again.

Let's do this - ask your lawmaker to fund Medicaid Expansion with no barriers.

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