Support New Mexico Children

Children are our most valuable natural resource, and the investments we make in them, particularly in their earliest years, will benefit us all in the long term.


In November, New Mexicans will have the opportunity to invest in our children by voting YES on Constitutional Amendment 1. This amendment would draw down a small portion of the $26 billion permanent school fund to support high-quality early childhood care and education services — such as home visiting and pre-kindergarten — and services for at-risk students.

Providing early childhood care and education services is one of the best ways we can ensure our children grow up and stay healthy. When it comes to children and their lifelong health, one of the most effective prescriptions can’t just be picked up at a pharmacy. It involves high-quality programs that support expectant and new mothers; safe, consistent, and flexible childcare; and rich early learning environments.

Learn more about the permanent school fund, also known as the Land Grant School Fund, as well as the importance of supporting early childhood education.

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