Breathing Easier in Santa Fe's Plaza

This month, the Santa Fe City Council passed Ordinance 2017-11 sponsored by Councilor Ron Trujillo, which would no longer allow smoking and use of other tobacco products on the Santa Fe Plaza. Smoking includes cigars, cigarettes, pipes and use of any other products that produces smoke, or vapor. Now, residents and tourists alike will enjoy clean air in the heart of downtown Santa Fe!


We would like to extend a big American Heart Association thank you to the American Cancer Society - Cancer Action Network and the New Mexico Allied Council on Tobacco for partnering with us on passing this heart-healthy policy! The ordinance also had broad support among the councilors, with five out of eight city councilors cosponsoring the ordinance. The ordinance passed with an amendment, by 7-1. 

We are grateful for the leadership of Councilor Ron Trujillo and the City Council in taking the necessary steps to protect the citizens of Santa Fe.

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