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NJ Elections Next Month

Make Sure Candidates Know Heart and Stroke Issues Matter to You!

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I know it seems like we just had an election and even the most seasoned political veteran can feel worn out from all the political noise over the last couple years. However, this election is unique for New Jersey because every state seat is up for grabs. Yes, you read that right, every elected state position from the Governor to Assembly members will be on the ballot.

Now is the time to engage your candidates about the issues you care about. Ask your candidates how they feel about healthy food access, stroke systems of care, tobacco, or even neighborhood issues like Safe Routes to School and Complete Streets projects. Building a healthier New Jersey will take time, and we need politicians who are committed to positive health polices for the long run. I encourage everyone to participate in the upcoming election by letting your potential Representatives know how you feel about making New Jersey a healthy and happy place to live.

Here are some important dates for next months election:

October 31, 2017 Last day to request vote by mail forms
November 3, 2017 Last day to mail in vote by mail ballots
November 6, 2017 Last day to hand in vote by mail ballots in person by 3PM
November 7, 2017 Election Day

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