NJ Celebrates National Nutrition Month

March is National Nutrition Month! Obesity and poor nutrition contribute to chronic health conditions like heart disease and stroke. What is most alarming is that New Jersey children are experiencing health problems like diabetes and high blood pressure. 

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Helping children to grow up with healthy eating habits and at healthy weight should be a priority for all New Jerseyans.

National Nutrition Month is the perfect time to remind our representatives that good nutrition and heart health are important to you. Later this month, our elected officials will begin crafting the state budget for the next year.

Funding to improve healthy food access and educate New Jersey residents about how their diet affects their health is money well spent that will generate a return on investment. Programs like SNAP and WIC help low-income residents afford healthy food, but if they are not able to access stores where healthy foods are sold, the benefits are not helping. We are asking our representatives in Trenton to make investments that will help small, existing retailers stock and sell healthy foods in underserved communities. This small change could make a big difference to people who live in communities where supermarkets are scarce but corner stores and bodegas are plentiful.

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