They're getting the message!

Last week we emailed you about the cigarette tax being discussed at the Oklahoma State Capitol. With your support, we all committed to continuing to fight for this lifesaving tax. Our work is paying off! Yesterday, the Oklahoma House passed a bill that included a $1.00 cigarette tax increase with a historic 3/4 majority! The fight isn't over because we still have to pass the Senate and gain a signature from Governor Mary Fallin. Please email your lawmaker and let them know that we are still here and still fighting for a significant increase in the cigarette tax!



Please share this email with a friend and add another voice to the fight to save lives and improve heart-health in Oklahoma! We will keep you updated on the happenings at the Capitol as session moves forward! Thank you for fighting with us! 

You're The Cure,
Jordan Endicott
Sr. Government Relations Director

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