It's time to fight for the NIH

Not only does March kick-off the start of the NCAA basketball tournament, but also our push for more funding for the National Institutes of Health (NIH).


Last year, we achieved a major win when Congress gave the NIH an additional $2 billion in funding. But we cannot be satisfied with just one victory. As long as heart disease and stroke continue to kill too many Americans, we cannot stop fighting for a cure.

Join us as we begin our journey for more NIH funding by contacting your lawmakers today!

Yes, this is a long journey and the first step is for legislators to submit their funding priorities to the Appropriations committees. With all the different projects, programs, and agencies vying for attention, we must fight to make sure NIH is on top of the list. 

As we learned last year during this multistep process, nothing is final until the last votes are tallied and we expect many twists and turns along the way. We will keep you updated on the appropriations process and let you know how you can make sure NIH gets the funding it deserves.

Thank you and make your voice heard today! 

Need a refresher on why NIH is important? Check out the video below.

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