Nice to meet you, advocates!

Hello, You're the Cure advocates! I wanted to take this opportunity to introduce myself and let you know a little about me while I'm learning so much about all of you and the great work you do!

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I’m Katey Aquilina and I’m proud to be your new Grassroots Manager. I work with Pennsylvania, New York, Delaware, West Virginia, Virginia, Maryland, and Washington DC to help provide advocacy opportunities to You’re the Cure members and others who want to take an active role in speaking up for the issues that matter to you.

I’m originally from Michigan, where I got my degree from Eastern Michigan University. Before joining the AHA, I worked for over 10 years in advocacy; predominately surrounding public health, youth, and families. Most recently I was Program Coordinator with the Tyler Clementi Foundation, a bullying prevention organization that encourages others to be "upstanders" when they see bullying or harassment. I’ve also worked in digital communications and early child education.

My job every day is to help people see the power inside of them to create a world they want to see- a world with less cardiovascular disease. The AHA does so much to help people achieve this goal and I am excited to help our supporters be a part of this effort.

In my off hours I enjoy hiking, going to see music, and traveling. I also volunteer as an advisor with Alpha Gamma Delta Women’s Fraternity. I live in Philadelphia with my partner, Schuyler and our cat, Morley.

Nice to meet you!

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