Nhu Yeargin

For a gal who likes to spent her time alone hunkered down with a good book, Nhu Yeargin spends an awful lot of it helping others.  Because of her own family’s connection to heart disease, she was drawn to the American Heart Association (AHA), among other volunteer endeavors. 


She says serving as Chair of the AHA Hampton area board really opened her eyes about all the organization does, and that it’s not just about fund raising.  She has eagerly thrown herself into numerous AHA efforts, both fundraising and community health.  She recently accepted another key leadership role as board liaison to the state’s advocacy advisory committee, and has supported AHA’s policy efforts through legislator communications, and actively engaging others in the advocacy network You’re the Cure.

She says, “Everyone knows someone with heart issues but what they may not know is all the resources it takes to help people survive.”  She has been astounded by how many young people are effected by heart disease. 

Sitting in her federal legislator’s office during an AHA lobby day event, she was struck by the impact of what she was involved with.  She already knew her legislator, but to be face-to-face talking about the policy needs in an official capacity made her realize she and her fellow advocates were really doing something.

She loves talking to others about the policy needs.  “It’s highly satisfying when you’re talking to someone and you see the understanding dawn on them about how they can help,” she says, “I love inspiring others about You’re the Cure.”

She encourages anyone who wants to help make a real difference to sign up at www.yourethecure.org.

  Nhu Yeargin


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