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NH Students Deserve Schools Free of Unhealthy Food and Beverage Marketing


The American Heart Association believes that aggressive marketing and advertising of high-calorie, low-nutrient foods to kids is contributing to our childhood obesity epidemic. In-school marketing is meant to establish brand recognition and increase sales of products, including unhealthy foods and beverages, to our children. Last session in New Hampshire there was a bill to allow school districts to accept advertising dollars to pay for education budget shortfalls. The legislation brought to light that school districts already have the authority to allow corporate marketing in our public schools. While we all want our schools and teachers to have the resources they need, at the same time, parents do not want their authority over their childrens’ nutrition choices undermined with junk food marketing. Schools are trying hard to meet the required nutrition standards on foods sold to students and to promote healthy choices to students. The AHA needs your help to ensure marketing of unhealthy foods and beverages is not allowed in NH’s public schools. Please share with us any examples of less than healthy snacks and/or junk food marketing to our kids at your local school.

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