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NH Governor Responds to Advocates Request for a Veto

In an 'end of session’ twist, NH You’re The Cure advocates had to rush into action to oppose a bill which threatened our Smoke-free Restaurant law - and succeeded in securing the Governor’s veto! 


In May, the NH Legislature passed a bill, amended to add a provision loosening the license criteria for Cigar Bars.  When this specific class of business was created by legislation several years ago, Cigar Bars were not permitted to sell or serve free food to customers, to prevent unfair competition with restaurants abiding by the Smoke-free Law.  AHA volunteers made phone calls into the Governor’s office urging her to veto SB495, and Governor Hassan agreed this would be a significant rollback to NH's Smoke Free Bar and Restaurant law.  Advocates’ prompt action made a difference in protecting public health policy.

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